Networking Solutions

networking solutionsTeam up with customers seeking solutions to remain competitive in a technology driven environment. By creating and maintaining a reliable, scalable and flexible network infrastructure, Saion Infology Systems gives its customers the opportunity to not only keep current business operations running efficiently, but also gives them freedom to position themselves for future challenges.


Our design team is well experienced to assess, plan, design and implement the infrastructure and support services as required by the customer. These consulting services are based on a proven approach, utilizing the latest tools and techniques, which result in a best practices solution. When accurately implemented, this solution can help reduce risk, accelerate implementation time, and lower overall project cost.

Network Connectivity Solutions
networking solutionWe have no boundaries of environments. Our expertise lies in Linux and Windows environment and we aim at providing the networking services at the competitive cost. Saion Infology Systems has expertise in all the major network types, and can guide you in making the best choices to meet your needs. Common network types with which we work include:


Cable Networks
These cable networks can handle the latest gigabit Ethernet and voice technology.


Wide Area Networks (WAN)           
If you need a multi-location solution for a distributed organization, a WAN might be the answer. There are several models of WAN to consider: frame, leased lines, VPN (Virtual Private Network) or dial up.


wirelessWireless Networks
For smaller or more dynamic environments, a wireless network would be a cost-effective alternative solution to cabling. Internet connectivity by utilizing new DSL technology and secure firewalls can provide faster downloads and inter-site access to meet your exact requirements.


Local Area Networks (LAN)
Our experience for several years briefs us that building a LAN to link the personal computers in small organizations will increase their online effectiveness by many folds. Connecting the organization’s computers, printers, servers and other peripheral equipment on a common platform lets the users share expensive hardware, application programs and exchange data files quickly, easily and reliably. These LANs make e-mail possible, support centralized data backups, and provide access to the Internet. 

Fiber Optic Solutions
A broad range of fiber optic transmission systems for point to point and point to multipoint fiber optic technology.

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