Website Planning & Designing

websiteA website is like an information flow, with you as the provider and your site visitors as the receivers of the information. If you don't plan your website with this in mind right from the start, you could find yourself with a brand new website that solves all your immediate needs... but not those of your site visitors.

Clicking away from your website has never been easier for Internet users. There are about 35 million websites competing with yours on the Internet (source: Zooknic). Search engine results are becoming better and better and Internet connection speeds faster and faster - finding one of your competitors' websites is now very quick and very easy.


Our Specialization:


processWebsite Planning & Design Process

Creating a website is a collaborative effort and one that sets the foundation for a successful solution. Planning & Design starts with strategic goals, the needs and objectives that are to be met with and through the website and web application.


These are then built upon by experts in multiple domains covering graphical design, website design, user interface, Web 2.0 application and database technologies, and online marketing. Planning & Design at Saion Infology Systems is an integrated result that combines multiple disciplines into a powerful solution.


Positioning + Strategy

attractTo get your website strategy right, we look at the market needs, the competition, and the changing dynamics of the on-line world. We also ensure that your website strategy supports your organization's goals, timelines, and budgets.
Customer, peer group, and competitive research are the valuable inputs into this part of design. Saion Infology Systems experts will work with your team in conducting primary research and analyzing the results to drive the strategic planning and design process. From surveys, to focus groups, to interviews, to benchmarks, to audits and traffic analysis, we use a combination of strategy tools to properly inform the web strategy.


Creative + Brand

Today websites often form a prospect’s first impression of a firm and its capabilities. Today your prospective customer or client more often has seen your website before ever meeting someone from your organization. The website's creative design should convey both the style and substance of your organization and its existing branding. Saion Infology Systems creative team works with you and your brand to create a website experience that brings your image to life on the web.
Often we work on projects that involve creating a new visual brand either for an entire organization or for a micro-site or special event site. Our award-winning team has a rich portfolio that cover many different approaches and styles. Through a proven design process, we work together to get your ideas, ideals, and goals displayed beautifully on the web.

Interface + Usability | UI/UX Capabilities

Web 2.0 is more than anything else an approach for making websites more interactive and easier to use. We take this to heart in designing the usability and user interface to make using your website and web application easy and productive for your users.

We work through the interface design with a use-case driven approach to identify the important users, audiences, and key information and processes.  We then put together a thorough information architecture document to illustrate the needs and to drive the site development and implementation.

Technology + Integration

Websites need to do more than just present information, they need to work well with the rest of the organization's infrastructure and systems. Saion Infology Systems has the experts on staff that keep these requirements in firm view and design systems to ensure that they work well today and into the future using the technologies that are right for your organization including Web 2.0 technologies from the Microsoft and Java communities.  Content Management Systems (CMS) including Share Point, Drupal, and Interwoven. Databases including Oracle and MySQL.

Saion Infology Systems technology team designs the website and web application to support integration with your existing and planned application and database environment. We also provides the domains registration & customized templates. Solutions range from simple self-contained websites to complex web-based applications that integrate myriads of web services and back end databases. 

The technology design is to ensure that the proper standards, tools, interfaces, and software architectures are identified and ready for development and implementation. Key issues including scaling, fail-over, disaster recovery, security, privacy, and related topics are all covered in the technical design documents and specifications.

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